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Jeff B.

To me mid-century modern is about simplicity, sympathetic design attributes in harmony to the site, freedom from historical design cliches, and natural/local material usage. Contrast this with today's faux "craftsman" sub-divisions. Only high-end custom ie: "architect designed for client" homes play with the same simple design principles. Less IS more. I keep thinking one of our local northwest-based builder/developers will launch a sub-division this century straight out of a 1966 Sunset magazine. Straight forward design would avoid a lot of the inherent construction defect issues that seem rampant.


so, for those of us who couldn't make it, how was it?


I've been meaning to write a follow-up and still plan to do so...as soon as I complete the latest barrage of freelance work.


You seem to have forgotten that mid-century modern is a cliche in and of itself...in addition, can mid-century be considered "modern" any more.


So, this being 2008, then "mid-century" is 2004? Post Modern then becomes sometime after the South Waterfront is maxed out? (Can't wait for that to come around again.) Futurism can move from 1907 to 2007? It is indeed a Brand New World. But Ziba already knew that.

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