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Maybe we don't exactly have a design malaise, but we certainly shouldn't be crowing too much either. We have a relatively high baseline for the quality of our architecture (more to do with urbanism), but not a whole lot of really outstanding work. You could say we are raising the bar incrementally.

That said, many of these firms are capable of excellent work. I'd like to see the less established ones getting more important commissions.


Oops, that was meant for the 10 architects entry. Nice work here, though.

Double J

I'm pretty much doing a case study on Cloepfil these days because my solo show at PNCA in April is in one of his earliest projects (the Izquierdo gallery)... it's a flawed space but I'm giving it an artist's treatment that will point out how cool it actually is (Im leaving the walls blank... everything is on the floor or on top of the walls). Basically Im condensing the spatial experience... and hoping to hell it won't suck. At the same time I'm pretty sick of the architects being more radical than artists these days. Zaha Hadid vs. Julie Mehretu anyone? Hadid wins nearly every time. I like how Smithson and Gordon Matta Clark really challenged architecture. I like how Paul Klee taught composition at the Bauhaus. Oh well the Jahn clan are an oinery bunch.

Also, Tyler Green had a brilliant idea about the Rothko issue in Portland. Apparently the National Gallery has about 600 Rothko works (that isnt an exageration either) and can hardly diplay them all. Answer.. a series of permanent rotating loans with the NGA.

Expect to hear more on Rothko on PORT this week too.


Rothko at Portland Art Museum would be wonderful - since the museum was the first to give him an exhibition. I don't know where you'd find the works though, or the money to buy them...

Double J

Kd, I have a report on a Rothko we CAN afford plus a brilliant idea from Tyler Green based on loans from the NGA here: http://www.portlandart.net/archives/2008/03/rothko_in_portl.html . It's a real possibility but Portland has to want it.

Rothko has way more connection to Portland than Clyfford Still has to Denver. Frankly Still had more connection to Portland than he had to Denver... but I'm still stoked he's getting his own museum. Ugh "Still Stoked" was a totally unintentional pun that I should be shot and hung for.

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