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Can you tell us who the landscape architect is for the project? The courtyard looks wonderful.

kevin valk

The landscape architect is LangoHansen, and they have done an amazing job. kudos to them.


kurt lango is a pleasure to work with. i have worked with his office on a couple of projects and the work has been well integrated. this project by Holst looks like an exciting downtown project. i love to see how it is wrapped up like buildings in europe - now all we need is the super graphics too!


I would love to see more features on some of Portland's amazing landscape architecture firms. It is one of the things that makes Portland really fantastic. I'm so tired of looking at books and magazines of incredible architecture with the most depressing site integration. Great job Lango Hansen.


Hey Brian -- any word on when this project is scheduled for completion? It's only a few blocks from my condo, and I look forward to a hip hotel close by for out-of-town guests.


Agreed, this project is sublime. I can't wait to sit in that courtyard this summer and drink a beer between the green wall and white grid.

kevin valk

The hotel is scheduled to be open at the beginning of June. I believe reservations are being accepted through several of the online sites...expedia etc.


Can't wait to see Holst's next project in built form. 937 was cool in the early renderings, but very disappointing now that it has its brick cladding up. I hope they bounce back as we know they can with really great buildings for Ziba and Hotel Modera.


Does anyone know who if Holst is also doing the Interior Design for Hotel Modera?


I should have mentioned the interior designer in the first place, just like I should have done with the landscape architect. (Well chap my hide!) The interior design form is Corso Staicoff. I met Jim Staicoff (the Staicoff in Corso Staicoff, obviously) a few years ago when he was running his own firm, and I can vouch that he's an excellent designer.


I'd love to see the hotel pick up the parcel on the sw corner that has an insignificant little building on it, and create another wing. Could be a separate developer, doing apartments that integrate with the hotel courtyard as well as the street. Any developers out there looking for a cool project?


"How about the Sheraton along the waterfront beside the Morrison Bridge?"

That's now the Hotel Fifty and is undergoing its own major transformation.


leave it to holst to make a 1960s motel look 1950s, just like skylab can bring any building into the 1970s.

Studio Art Direct

Hotel Modera will be brimming with local artwork. We curated about 300 original paintings, black and white photographs, glass, marble sculpture, and nude figurative drawings for the project.

You can see the collection of beautiful modern black and white photos of Oregon's "natural beauty" and Portland urbanscapes (which will hang in the corridors)at www.studioartdirect.com

Owners of hotel should be commended for supporting the local arts community.

Interior Decorators Designer

Interior design can actually be quite difficult because it all depends on personal preferences. The trends in commercial and residential interior design change on a regular basis, however what goes out of fashion will normally come back into fashion in around 50 years. Lots of people like nostalgia, which is why things typically come back into fashion. Interior Decorators Designer http://interior-decorating-trends.blogspot.com

outdoor fabrics

Now that's what I'm talking about, if your going to renovate then renovate with style.

Ed Schwitzky

You suggested "the Sheraton along the waterfront beside the Morrison Bridge" as a candidate for a makeover. Well, have a look now! In 2009-2009 over $7M was invested inside and out, resulting in the all-new Hotel Fifty and H5O bistro & bar.

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