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of all the professors i have ever had, randy was the only one that i felt really believed in me. he has a way of tapping into the core of your motivation and helping you push your boundaries far outside any real or imagined boxes. he is also one of the most intelligent people i have ever known, if not the most.

HK Bertman

Randy's work has always been inspiring. He is one of few designers who works to create that bridge between theory and practice and just doesn't give up.

One of my U of O profs spoke about the difference between working on a spec development and one for the client who would live in the space. He said that, without a client, we really aren't designing in the way we could. It is an abstract exercise at best. In work I often wonder at the separation of core/shell from interiors because it creates so many problems both in the design process (and the business of completing the work) and in the building. Perhaps we're heading for a new time when architects aren't hoping to work so conceptually (cite THA hiring Ziba to do just that). On a certain level the developer and real estate markets haven't learned value it, as a rule.

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