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Many more images are still available on TVA's website:


I like the building itself very much, but I question the site and it's relation to the building. The Williams Bakery site is squeezed in between two freshman student dorms, and from the site plans it looks like the main access route is right through those dorms. On game nights there is likely to be some intense crowd action right in the middle of thousands of student's living rooms. For some students, this will be great, but for others, this is sure to be a nightmare. The building itself looks like it belongs next to Autzen stadium, not in the middle of sleepy college dorms.

Parking does not seem to be increased much, so I would anticipate overflowing neighborhoods similar to football game days.

I give TVA an A for the building, but I give both TVA and the U of O a C minus for planning and siting the building. Wouldn't the old car dealership on Franklin have made more sense?


As a former resident of Parson's Hall, Bean East I can confidently say - those dorms were never "sleepy."


I'll be sad to see Mac Court go. It seem like to important a building to destroy.

They should at least make it part of the Rec Center or something.

As much as I dislike that the new arena is built I look forward to sitting in the student section there and comparing and contrasting.


This is the kind of project that only serves to further drive the wedge between the citizens of Eugene and the monster that has become the University of Oregon. Yes, the monster is benevolent, but this project will do little to ease the fear that UO cares little for the place they inhabit, a view that many students share. A certain disinterest that this large project has in relating to the people who live near by, just like Autzen. True, many people are overjoyed at the expansion, but that is not the soul of Eugene. I bet there is not even a Greenroof or something on this thing. How about a community center or something beneficial to the neighborhood? Just the traffic alone will be a nightmare. There is no way for Southbound I-5 arrivals to get to the site, which obviously would be the direction of travel to here. The departure northbound is equally flawed and convoluted. Only shortsighted planning could have resulted in the arena not ending up near Autzen Stadium. A sports campus with parks and parking garages self contained, with training, media, and administration on one site might have been achieved.
I agree, the building is superb (in the one view released). I would love to know what the rest looks like. Nice to have a public institution with a self-righteous expectation of secrecy in the design process.
The rendering shows no relationship to the neighborhood whatsoever. If you ever wanted to know why people freak when seeing a drawing of a building like this planned for their neighborhood, this is the reason why. I can not even tell where north is.
At least have a few protesters in the rendering, it is Eugene after all, and if this doesn't arouse controversy here (Eugene), i do not know what will.


the university has $150 million in repairs needed for its existing buildings on campus. i think it is bloody ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a stadium (that will be sited in a residential district.)

i am tired of athletes being treated as the upper-class at the university, playing there x-boxes on 50in plasmas in their wood-paneled locker or exclusive therapy spas. my classes are held in dilapidated buildings and my program severely lacks in equipment and technology relevant to the current field?

this 200 million they want from the state should go to upgrading all the buildings on campus to be more energy efficient. that or to replacing the state mental hospital.

i do not care how much money uo athletics bring in and the argument that follows that line. academics are more important than sports.

academics will do far more to change the world than sports.

and more on topic: the old, square, flat, version of the stadium was way better even though it has no place on franklin next to houses... the new one looks really, really bad...


Thanks to the fascist Sharkitects and Anarchitects and their neo-fascist Starchitecture.


To many, the UofO is an atrocity of a University, and does very little to promote academics or enrich student life; this arena nonsense underpins this notion.

Andrew Fisher

i find the curved glass exterior of the new UO arena reminiscent of the former car dealership showroom just up the road a block: www.eugenemodern.org/romania

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Brian Libby

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