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I'm not exactly clear what the magazine is about, and the Portland Spaces website says almost nothing. What is the emphasis of the magazine? The general built environment in Portland? Is it about Portland Architecture? Portland Real Estate? Portland Design? Portland Neighborhoods? Portland Urban Planning? Is it primarily about Modernist and Green Design in Portland? Who is the target reader? Is it essentially a magazine for the stereotypical Pearl/SoWa resident? Is it a localized Dwell magazine for the Portland market? Is it intended to be hot off the press news and stories on design/architecture/planning in Portland or just general stories on these topics that aren't specifically urgent like biographies on architects and histories of design?

Just wondering because I am trying to figure out if its what I'm looking for.


It was quite the shindig. I must confess to a bit of disappointment with first issue. It seemed a bit more Portland Monthly than Randy/critical analysis. I love your blog Brian for both taking positions and also sparking dialogue. I found the first issue of Spaces interesting but not challenging or provocative. I appreciate trying to create something different from other home mags and I'm hoping this venture will evolve with time and feedback.

Brooks Jordan


Thanks for giving the magazine's release some context. I saw it at New Seasons this weekend and am eager to read it.

And, in reference to the comments above, I am more than willing to give them time to figure out what the focus of the magazine is.

Oh, and love the characterization of this demo:

"cleavage and Range Rover contingent"


Randy said the primary target demo of magazines such as this is, are the 51 and up, white female. Similar to the Portland Monthly, of course.

Take note of the advertising to get a sense of whom they are targeting.


"15 Hot Places to Buy Your Third Vacation Home"


Jeesh folks,

How 'bout READING the magazine before dissing it!

Brooks, I did say the 50-up female set is the typical readership of regional home design magazines, but you might recall I also said that we want to expand that. The reason we think we can is because Portland Monthly has broken out of that target already. It's younger and more gender balanced than other city magazines.

If you read the magazine and still have criticisms, tell us what you think we can do better.


Can someone tell me the venue where the debut party took place?

Agustin Enriquez V

The venue was in an empty bowstring warehouse--the floor where the magazine was unveiled was covered in sod. The location was across the street from Portland Brewing in NW Portland.

"If you read the magazine and still have criticisms, tell us what you think we can do better."

If part of the magazine's target audience is architects, it would be beneficial to have drawings of the projects showcased (at minimum floor plans).


some of us also call the "cleavage and Range Rover contingent" CLIENTS.


oh, and the spaces website, portlandspaces.net now has it's very own blog... some articles from the magazine, with more pics, and other articles as well.

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