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The above quote certainly piques my interest about Allied Works, but I'm not sure I see it in their buildings. In seeing their work as 'pushing and pulling at the expectations we build based on our experiences,' it sounds to me that are trying to destabilize, if only partially, the ground that the users of their buildings stand on. While I suppose there is something of the unexpected in their work, they seem to me to be striving for an immediacy of experience and materiality, rather than throwing people off kilter in the manner of an Eisenman or a Liebeskind. Any thoughts?


When is the Cloepfil lecture?


"This Wednesday at noon, the University of Oregon's Portland architecture program continues its winter lecture series with a presentation by architect Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works."

01.30.08 12:00pm


Can we see any images of the spec houses? To respond to the above comment on the nature of the work. I would agree with you that they are not trying to deconstruct any notions. The work takes materials, structure, and volume to a very elegant development on modernist principals. Light helps in the integration of these elements. I find it quite similar to the power of David Chipperfield's minimalism. I would like to see the work become a bit more aggressive and bold. The MOAD at columbus circle should be the best yet.

How do you spell relief? M-e-a-s-u-r-e-4-9

I've got the when. How 'bout the where?

uo portland student

Thanks for plugging the Cloepfil lecture, which drew a standing-room-only crowd. Please note that UO's Portland Architecture Program has public lectures almost every Wednesday. Next week, Bob Thompson of TVA Architects will be speaking (6 pm, Weds. Feb. 6).

It would be great to see more members of the larger Portland architecture community at these events.

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