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David D. Levine

Personally, I was cheered when the news came out that naming rights were up for sale, because I hope it means that the name "Rose Garden," which I have always despised, will soon be gone. This town already has a Rose Garden, and it's not some Johnny-come-lately sports arena, thank you very much.


I agree with David. Portland already has a Rose Garden.

Also, America already has a basketball stadium named the Garden. And no matter how much the NYT may love P-town. We're not NYC and we should never try to be.

So yeah, bring on the name change. I'm all for it.

Bob Gaulke

I sense an important McMenamin's opportunity here. The Burrito in a Bowl? Players could be allowed to slices while earning their millions.


How about a certain bazzillionaire name the building for a deserving local charity[s] and donate some of that fat ticket / concession $$ !
[last time I checked Paul , you can't take it w/you]


How about "Columbia Gorge"?

Dennis H. Coalwell

Doesn't the NBA have a rule that forbids the name of any arena to be associated with an alcohol brand? I was under that impression.

I watched the game the other night and noticed that "Rose Garden" did not appear on the arena floor.


So it seems to me that corporate-sponsored stadiums and regionally-expressive arena names are not mutually exclusive. When a nationally-recognizable local company sponsors a stadium (Coors Field in Denver, Busch Stadium in St. Louis, etc.) the regional character is preserved. This can even boost the team's relationship/identity with its city.
Nike seems to be the obvious choice for Portland, or maybe Columbia...

Dennis H. Coalwell

Yup, Nike, Addidas or Columbia Arena would be cool.


I'm with David and Justin. It really yanked my chain when they tossed around all these possible names and then picked "Rose Garden." We have a Rose Garden. It's a garden. Filled with roses. Get it? I was appalled at the lack of orginality.

I don't follow sports at all so whereas I'm ambivilant about the sponsorship business, I agree that it's prefereable to use the sponser name as a prefix or appendage. Besides, everyone - in Portland anyway - will still just call it the Rose Garden.


Personally, I'm okay with "Nike" as the corporate sponsor, but only because Nike is the Greek goddess of victory -- which I think is a great namesake for a sporting arena.

It's pretty much the only corporate name I could get behind.

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