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Double J

We are getting some cool designs submitted for our pedestrian+light rail bridge competition on PORT: link

I see no reason this bridge cannot be aesthetically tuned.


I actually like the visual appeal of the Delta Frame... it seems to match the simplicity of the under-deck truss of the current Sellwood Bridge with a minimum of details, and avoids any extraneous lines or structure that might detract from the view you get from the top deck.


I like the through-arch and cable stayed options the best...they seem the most graceful and visually interesting...at least to me

christopher lonigro

The more interesting options, on their website, concern the alignments and cross-sections. Unless I am wrong to assume that they have not already chosen an alignment (I did not look too hard). The cross sections range from 45' - 75', one option has ped/bike path on a lower deck. Equally as important is from where the bridge springs, and how it effects either side. These options should lead into the aesthetics of the bridge...not the catalog picking Brian eluded to.


There are places for signature bridges with big budgets. The Sellwood river crossing is not one of them. A nice, simple, functional 'background bridge' would be just fine for that location.

The new light-rail river crossing further north, on the other hand, is the place to make a dramatic statement. Occupying a much more visible location, it speaks to our urban/transit future, not our suburban/vehicular past.

Gotta pick your shots...

Brian Libby

Well said, Dean. I felt it worthwhile to raise the question of aspirations with this bridge, but I think you make a fair point, one that was starting to eat away at me since I wrote the post. Still, we want it to be the best it can be, and there are plenty of exceptional smaller public works engineering projects out there.


Yes, I agree - hopefully, it can be both modest and handsome at the same time...


another item that I believe that the website mentions is that the final selected crossing will have an impact on the type of bridge that can be constructed in that location due to staging, logistics, etc.

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