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"Legitimately elected President"? Brian, give me a break!! Are you calling the 2004 election illegitimate? Keep your comments to architecture, and stay out of politics, PLEASE!!!

(Remember, if you will, Bill was not impeached for 'personal stuff', he was impeached for perjury - lying to a grand jury. Last time I checked, that is not 'personal stuff'. He was disbarred, if you recall, for the same reason.)


Oh perjury, it pales compared to making a mockery of the Constitution by illegal wiretaps, cangaroo courts, suspending the Habeas Corpus! in Guantanamo and various CIA prisons around the world. If Clinton was impeached for perjury, Bush should be impeached and tried for war crimes (see Blackwater etc)
Try some waterboarding Dean and come back and report to us whether you agree with your government that it is NOT torture! I cannot believe anyone has the nerve to mention the word impeachement in 2007 and think of Clinton!

Brian Libby

Dean, you're probably somewhat correct that it was wrong of me to bring politics into this discussion...even though it's my blog. So I give at least a qualified apology, although I also can't completely condemn what Nikos has to say either. I forget that there really are Republicans living in Portland. I tend to think of it as a safe haven from the GOP, which isn't fair to those misguided souls in the minority here.


Speaking of misguided Republicans, I hear Measure 49 passed!!!


I said nothing about the current administration. My comments were about Bill Clinton. Excusing a felony because it 'pales' to another is silly. Enough said.

Surprise, I am not a Republican. I enjoy your posts on architecture; however, they are better when you leave out irrelevant politics.

Measure 49 is relevant, of course, and I share your enthusiasm for it passing!

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