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warren buffet

I can't wait til they get the portland center open.

Elian Gonzalez

I wish they installed a better cornice than that simplified one. Couldn't they have found photos of the original cornice for making a new replacement?


I'm with them up until the "University of" part. Really? I can't really think of another way to describe the way that sounds other than 'trashy.' Kind of embarrassing. I hope they think better of it. It would be a shame considering the relative merit of the rest of the project.


I agree. It's a terrible idea for that sign. The Burnside Bridge is such an iconic entrance into downtown and that sign is much too large to simply promote a single building. But then again, we are about to destroy Burnside and Couch with that miserable couplet project.


The name change to University of...would be awesome, maybe we could ruin some more Portland land marks...maybe the OSU pitock mansion and Portland State University Portlandia statue...even the Concordia Fremont bridge...i do not know, what do you think? I imagine changing that to university of would stir more then good ol cezar Chavez mess did... Way to break the streak Beavs!!!

not really

The University of Oregon's mascot is the Ducks. OSU's home of the Beavs.

Great article Mr. Libby.

I'm sure the reason for the possible sign change would be the increased presence the U of O is attempting to have in Portland. Despite ads on the MAX trains, every time I tell someone I attend the U of O in Portland I'm met with confusion.

awesome, what personal connection do you have to the "Made in Oregon" sign and what about it is so valuable to you?


"Made in Oregon" is just a retail chain. The sign has changed several times through history and it has always been advertising, so what's so wrong with advertising the University? It is at least a public institution rather than some commercial product or retail chain. I think it is very fitting to change it. The historic qualities(the font, the state outline, the stag) will stay. I think there are also first amendment issues with limiting the contant of the text on a private billboard, even with its historic status.


the nice thing about it being Made in oregon is that most people do not associate that with some store, more with a pride of oregon


Maybe when Disney decides against renewing the licensing agreement allowing the use of Donald, the "Oregon Stags" will catch on.

Go Stags!


I have to admit. I cringed at the thought of a "University of" neon change. I agree it's in their right but it somehow comes across tacky. Regardless, welcome to the neighborhood UO.


If the "University of" is added, look for a prominent Oregon State University sign to pop up somewhere in Portland.


I agree, the "Made In Oregon," sign never makes me think of the store, it just fills me with a bit of Oregon pride as I cross over the river. Especially they way it's sequenced - Made...in....OREGON and then it all lights up and sparkles... I'd hate to see it go.


A more accurate reflexion of the state of affairs would be "Made in China", also spelled out in chinese characters (since Chinatown is closeby) now that would make a splash!

Brian Libby


I think I may have stirred things up unnecessarily with the sign. As far as I know, the UO doesn't necessarily have any plans to change the sign from Made In Oregon to anything else. I merely asked the person from UO leading the tour, vice provost Terri Warpinski, if it was a possibility. My only motivation was that I'm a big Ducks fan, but even I'm not necessarily advocating the sign be changed. Mabe leaving the sign as-is would be the best move. I'm not sure. But I wouldn't worry about it at this point. Any change seems only talk at this point--if that.


I think the university missed a big opportunity in how they handled the mechanical systems on the upper levels of the white stag building. You can see in the photos that the mechanical ducts hang down into the space. If you were there you would also see that there are operable windows and an operable clerestory that would provide great ventilation. If heat could have been added to the floor via radiant tubing, you would have had a beautiful space sans ductwork, that I would bet would be more energy efficient than a ducted air system. I guess I assume that you don't really need air conditioning in Portland. I guess that is hard for developers to understand? Too bad.

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