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I love NOT living in Paris or New York. The subways, the Art Museums the well dressed people, the diversity, the cosmopolitan vibe, so exhausting! Thank God we are never going to be THAT!

On a less serious note (as if that is possible) I wonder how the "nest stadium" got the Beijing Preservation Board approval. Such architeture will never happen in Portland (and as you said "most of us are OK with that")
Herzog and de Meuron, a starchitect, couldn't they fing "local talent" in Beijing? (like we strive to do in PDX?)

Oh so many questions...

Matt Davis
"I'm trying to think as I write this what might be most relevant to Portlanders."

BRIAN, YOU'RE IN CHINA. Try to jolt some of Portland's puke-curry-building idiots into anything other than introspection.

Did you see the new brick cladding on 937, yet? Compared to the puke curry building, it looks WORSE! Like God just woke up one morning and decided to jizz all over the side.

The God's Jizz building.




Please post some pics of that bird nest stadium when/if you get a chance.

From the renderings and construction pics I've seen, I just am not impressed. Maybe from the perspective you are viewing, I might be able to find out what the hype is about.


god's jizz? is that a compliment or a complaint?

Brooks Jordan

Thanks for letting us see through your eyes, Brian.


I think you'll find that on a building like a stadium the starchitect's input is limited compared with something more interactive like say a museum. Essentially contributing a label; better marketing for the event.

You can find additional detail as well as photos of the Beijing National Stadium here:


Suggest also looking at the National Aquatics Center as well.

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