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Do the voters know what they want? I bet you most of them did not know what they were voting for with Measure 37. This participatory direct voting for measures kind of democracy, combined with an apathetic and uninformed electorate results in quite a number of travesties in these western states (wait till California approves splitting their electoral votes in the Presidential election, that will be fun fun fun.) Whatever Joe Schmoe wants, Joe Schmoe gets.


Has anyone done some polling? I haven't seen numbers on 49 or 50.

Joe Schmoe

Joe Schmoe wants to keep our valley farmlands from becoming housing developments. Joe Schmoe thinks it ridiculous that someone wants to create a subdivision in the Steens Mt. area. Joe Schmoe thinks that just because you own a pice of land doesn't mean you should get to do whatever you want with it. There is such a thing as benefitting the whole of a community, town, or even rural area. Joe Schmoe thinks that the initiative process works but is a learning process for everyone. Hopefully enough of the other Schmoes have learned that measure 37 was a bad idea.

Yes on 49!


Well good for you, Joe Schmoe,why didn't you think of the amber waves of grain and the fruited planes when you were voting for 37. I am glad you woke up now. I remember you were fast asleep in 2004, when the world was falling apart, but you still voted for the village idiot.
So Yes on 49 (In case you didn't figure it out from my first posting, nothing personalJoe Schmoe, but you strike me in general as not that bright.)


It's a fair point, Nikos, but for the love of Pete, why do people have to get so snippy? What I wouldn't give for an discussion that didn't hit 5th grade playground level so soon.

I would advise people to read up on this Measure before casting a vote. I don't know what it really says and I'm wary of taking someone's word for it. There's always someone advocating for a law that will benefit them personally, a la Measure 37. Maybe it's a great Measure, maybe it's as bad as 37. Just - please - be informed. I know it's difficult to read up on everything to be voted upon. It's a serious time committment. However, voting for something you don't understand can be worse than not voting at all.



The most compelling arguement that reaches across to the more conservative side is by the fire fighters in the voters pamphlet.

Basically is says if you build 1600 houses on 800 acres 16 miles from the nearest fire station, how are we supposed to extend our services out there, and if we can't how safe are those homes?
(I am paraphrasing)

Shouldn't that go for most any infrastructure? Where are the fiscal conservatives in support of this measure? Isn't the government making better use of our tax dollars by controlling where growth occurs in relation to the existing infrastructure?


M49 is by no means perfect - it allows transferable development rights for any property and guarantees 3 houses - fast tracked. I'm not sure on the rest of the details tho...

However, considering how bad M37 is, and the complete unwillingness of any politicians - guv or anyone else - to try to neuter the impact of M37 besides this, we don't have a choice, do we?

Unless you prefer the hellhole we are headed! If I wanted that, I'd just move myself to Cali.


I'm concerned that M49 might not pass. Once development gets the green light, it can cover land very fast. I made a comment over on blueoregon about an anti-M49 column David Reinhard wrote on 10/07. Reinhard argues that because of M49 language (words 'restricted' and 'prohibited')some property owners may not be able to build their 3-10 houses.

I don't know if he's right or not, but it's that sort of thing about the initiative law making process that really gets me frustrated with it. To come this far, and have it fouled up because it wasn't written properly is upsetting.


I'll offer you a trade. I'll vote yes on 49 for you if you'll vote yes on 50 for me.



I already voted yes on both through the mail.

Sara King

Hey, all of you who feel so passionate about M49 - please, ring a few doorbells and make a few calls. It's not so bad and actually kinda fun to talk to your neighbors.
Volunteer for the campaign. Today.

Yes on 49

Volunteer with Yes on 49

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