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Robert Canfield

Sorry, but the Sandy River flows not into the Willamette, but the Columbia River.

Brian Libby

Thanks. They typo has now been fixed.


I am the only one that thinks that Maya Lin is overrated? No one can deny that the Vietnam Vet Memorial was a stroke of brilliance but everything after that has been mediocre. Take a look at some of her recent work and it all appears to be the same. I think any local artist could have come up with a number of equally compelling designs for these sights.


I don't think she is overrated, though I don't follow her work that closely. She has done more than one amazing project and that's more than most of use will do in our lifetimes. I'm glad she's doing the work she's doing.


I visited the north Oregon coast and took an afternoon to visit Cape Disappointment and see the confluence project.

Let's put it this way. . .having it in Cape Disappointment is apt. It took me nearly as long to 'find' it once in the parking lot than it did to drive there from Seaside. No kidding. Really bad signage and uninformed staff.

The upshot. . . a hard to find boardwalk made of an eco wood product, etched with unreadable
L & C Journal entries that dead ends at some trees and will 'one day' be connected to the 'fish cleaning' station. . . tipped over basalt column and sink with more unreadable L & C Journal entries at to edge of a parking lot.

M. L. overated. Yes.

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