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Well said Brian , we need to make serious Design a requirement of Public / Private projects in the City and Region. No one thinks of the Bay Bridge , but the Golden Gate is a show-stopper for the ages. One has only to look at the new Sauvies Island Bridge to see what happens when low bids drive the solution....

Mary Vogel

Here's what Cordish has to say about itself: "Widely recognized as the leading international developer of large-scale urban revitalization projects and entertainment districts, The Cordish Company has been awarded more Urban Land Institute Awards for Excellence than any other developer in the world."

Personally, I have no problem with "neo-historic new buildings alongside the old ones." In fact, I greatly prefer that to the starkness of much modern architecture.


^ I'd rather see something interesting and fun, rather than the same old rehashed boring crap.

The site already has a bunch of old buildlings, and 90% of the Pearl District is 'faux-historic.' Puh-lease - are Portlanders this stodgy???


Everyone's complaining about the lack of schools in the area, maybe it needs a kindergarten full of screaming children. And clowns. Lots of clowns. Painted bright red & yellow.

Might just be enough to scare away all the yuppies and hipsters.


Just curious, Zilfondel: By what definition do you claim that "90% of the Pearl District is 'faux-historic'." I walk around that neighborhood every day, and unless I'm missing something, virtually everything there is either actually a historic building refitted for new use (Ecotrust, Marshall Wells, Chown Pella, the Avenue Lofts, the Crane Lofts, Weiden+Kennedy, the Weinhard Brewery, etc.) or new and unabashedly modernist (all of the new Hoyt condo buildings, the Elizabeth, the Henry, the Louisa, the Casey, etc.) I can actually think of only one building in the entire neighborhood -- the Gregory -- that might accurately be called "faux historic." You sure you're talking about the same Pearl, the one in Portland?


carlo, all the ankrom projects in the pearl are all 'faux historic, theme park disney project..art deco?? hip roof modern? faux industrial, .. you name and architecture style..

Tacee Webb

If anyone of the decision makers at PDC and beyond has ever visited The Lab in Costa Mesa, or The Camp, across the street, then they would know 100% sure of the clear choice for this project. This is not my favorite area of the country, generally. To visit this project is to witness how art, architecture and smart/pioneering green architecture (no faux anything here!) can truly build energy and masterfully create community, where before there was so little. Mall after ugly mall where now there are gallery shows and trees and giant scuba tanks and open theatres and bands playing.
The LAB developer is THEE best in the country at what he does, hands down. It would be an honor for our city for him to make his next visionary move here.

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