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"Nevermind that the Beavers won last time, of course, with some major luck."

Stick to architecture.

Brian Libby

Ha ha, I knew there might be some of my associates from the Beaver peanut gallery ringing in. OK, OSU won that game fair and square. Mike Riley's a good guy. Their offensive coordinator, Danny Langsdorm (of kidney donating fame) grew up down the street from me and quarterbacked my 8th grade football team. I'll just have to take stock in Oregon still leading OSU in the all-time series by a comfy margin...and the game coming to Autzen this year.


It would be nice if there was more interaction between the two schools of architecture and engineering/construction management during the formative years in college. Both schools put out very good graduates in their respective fields.

I've lost good friends to the black and orange, but I guess that's why the rivalry is called a civil war.

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