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"more highways"

I hope you're not serious. The last thing we need to do is to further encourage the use of autombiles. Rail - absolutely we need more!

Brian Newman

The Oregonian headline about the Milwaukie light rail project was completely incorrect. The project will indeed serve downtown Milwaukie along the Tillamook Branch railroad right-of-way with one or two stations directly serving downtown Milwaukie. The committee decided not to study a Main Street alignment since it would eliminate 107-140 on-street parking spaces on the main retail street in downtown Milwaukie.

Simply enter "Washington Street and 21st Avenue, Milwaukie, OR" and click on "Satellite" to see how the rail ROW connects with downtown Milwaukie.



what we really need is high-speed regional rail from portland-salem-(even) eugene and into vancouver and perhaps hood river for commuters. i would love to take a state job in salem if only i could get there without taking amtrak, or commuting either alone or in the state employee shuttle bus. nevermind political boundaries. regional rail crosses state lines all over the east coast.
i have been commuting this way in philly for over two years and, let me tell you, its much more fun to spend those twenty minutes to and from work relaxing/reading/looking at the landscape than getting pissed off at bad drivers.

Portland Real Estate

It will be very helpful If there is transportation facility everywhere..

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