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Based on looking at one facade of the building and absolutely nothing else, I think the design has gone backward. What I liked much more about the old design is the height of the windows at the pool and how it suggested so much activity within the plaza. Now the building looks much shorter and the windows along with it. It's barely a good in-fill building at this point.


you are right on brian, this building will be a background building. Budget and time is always an issue, but creativity should never be and issue. This project will a good functional and effecient building, but lack the poetry and soul of architecture born out of a good concept. There is rigor and then there is 'rigoritis.

The mullions, all aligned like a glorified commercial office...5' o.c. It kind of remind of the old SOM buildings where repetitions of elements will bore you death...

In the end it will be a good building, inspiring archiecture, not so much.

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