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Right on B , the mixed use
'air rights idea' is a way
to blend the church into
the community. Loft homes and local shops can knit and connect theis bit of the city together , while completing the funding.

Gordon Spath

I am getting the impression that the church I go to Portland metro at 6th and Alberta is going to move its services to Llyod cinemas and nearly abandon its 1906 building.(originaly a baptist church) A Haitan and Ethiopian congregations, a Kindegarten and a future open meal site are thriving, but the mixed congregation seems to be stuck in neutral. I would love to see an enthusistic group bring this church back to life and not let gentrification sweep it away. If you are a church leader with MornigStar please consider the possiblity, this building needs work, but you have the funds to make it great and together serve the community as it hould be.

Paulette Taylor

I'm a member of Morningstar, I might not be there in the fleshright now, but i'm there in spirit. My heart and prayers goes out to my family, and yes! I will be returing soon. I miss everyone. Yes there is a light at the end of this tunnel, God has great plans for, "MORNINGSTAR MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH"

Love to all my brothers and sister.

Paulette Taylor
Houston, Texas

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