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Jane Jarrett

This should be fun. And for those who were lucky enough to participate, a great reminder of Third Angle New Music Ensemble's FROZEN MUSIC concerts in May 2005. They played in three venues over the course of a Sunday afternoon -- the old US Bank lobby on SW 6th, the Fox Tower, and the then-unfinished space below the sidewalk on the SE corner of the Hilton Tower -- matching the era of the building with the era of the music performed. Audiences traveled from venue to venue, as each performance was repeated three times, and a culminating talk-back with architect and music experts was held at the Performing Arts Center. Rumblings are that Third Angle will launch a similar event next year featuring the Halprin Fountains.

Brian Libby

I went to those Third Angle performances and it was really cool. And I think the Halprin fountain would make an excellent performance space - certainly better than the Fox Tower lobby. :)

David Price

Brian - thanks so much for the article. We really appreciate the support. Since the Street Fair covers so much ground and is already offering a plethora of activities, I thought the following might help those interested in joining the mpo:portland tonight:

7:00-7:30pm We'll begin at NW 4th and Flanders (just east of NW 5th) in Oldtown/Chinatown and continue South towards Burnside for a performance near the Chinatown Gateway Arch.

7:30-8:00pm From the arch we'll head West on Burnside and NW Couch until we reach the Park Blocks West of Broadway.

8:00pm-? We'll continue West a bit for as long as our weary legs will hold us, offering more of our "urban guerilla chamber music" along the way.

David Price

music population project

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