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Doug Roberts

Kudos to Sam for taking this on. Personally, I think some sort of direct user fee is best. A gas tax is best, but what about freeway tolling? Or on/off ramp tolling to exempt through traffic? Property owner fees are the wrong way to go because it won't accurately capture the demand an individual places on the system. A downtown condo owner commuting to Hillsboro in a Hummer with studded tires (and a pinky ring) would likely get off lightly because a downtown condo would be assumed to generate little traffic. But an individual in a single family house who commutes daily by bicycle might get hit harder.

As far as projects that should be funded:

- Road repair and maintanence foremost. It's the only way to guarantee broad support of this plan.

- Significant increases in bicycle infrastructure funding. Designate 9th or Park as bike-only with signals at each intersection timed to the city grid. More bike-only infrastructure will increase the perception of safety, leading to more bike commuters and less stress placed on the auto-based infrastructure. Dedicated bicycle infrastructure gets bikes out of the way of cars; everyone wins. 0.7% of PDOT money currently goes to bicycle infrastructure. Increase that to match the commute share: currently 3.5% and growing. We can only get so far with white paint.

- Cap I-405! Our city has been torn in half for long enough. Users of the freeway add air pollution, noise pollution, and visual blight. Logic dictates that the users should pay the cost to mitigate the damage they're causing.

- Continue aggressively building out the streetcar system. By the time the eastside loop is operational, the westside line will have been running for over a decade. That's far too slow.


I think prioritizing the projects in a PR-savvy way could help show Portland Transiters (car, bike, foot, bus, etc) that potential tax hikes were being well spent:
Start with synchronizing ALL traffic lights - this saves people money, and lowers their blood-presure.
Then set up a comprehensive pot-hole fixing plan, to help deal with infrastructure repairs throughout downtown - that way the City can strategize how to fix the necessary mess downtown. And this would of course include immediate pot-hole fixes, so people could start feeling a smoother ride.
Then comes bridges - and everyone agrees that un-safe bridges in a city built in-and-amungst fault lines is a mandatory fix. So looking at that.
Also, funding studies that examine options for fixing various trouble-spots throughout the city.
Oh, and to help pay for all this, the City needs to go on an agressive installation spree: adding photo-ticketers to all intersections that have a higher-than-average accident rate. this way, people can get more paranoid about running yellow/red lights (a problem I see downtown) in the city, and at the same time, the city can make more money off the bastards who do run red lights. Making sure the extra money earned in these tickets is spent in a highly visable, solution-based way would be an important thing.

Oh, and let's continue looking at how we can get more streetcar lines! it's more glamorous, and it brings more taxes into an area/more money for future, "un-glamorous" road fixes!

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