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Frank Dufay

I love having Kermit the frog's picture on your post.

At first I was like...what?

Then, of course, his famous song lyrics came to mind:

"It's not easy being green"

Nice touch Brian.


It seems like it might have made more sense to give all $2.5 mil to one city with a goal of creating a "showcase" American Solar City instead of spreading it around to 13 cities. My limited knowledge of the solar field tells me that $200,000 won't go very far. That said, it's better than nothing I guess...buys a few brochures and whatnot.

Agustin Enriquez V

$200,000 is real money. The PV array on OHSU's new building down in South Waterfront happened as a direct result of a $200,000 grant. The money from the grant closed the gap on the panels and the reduced load on the mechanical systems paid for the mounting brackets on the skin of the building. Admittedly that $200k only went to one building, but if my memory serves me correctly that PV array was the largest array on a building in all of Oregon (I do not know if there is a larger array now).


This is great. I hope this money inspires other companies to use their often flat vacant roofs for other green ideas, like google's PV array

Agustin Enriquez V

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the google project referenced above, the OHSU array is currently producing 90 KW a day (it was projected to average 60 KW during the course of the year).

The google project is a 1,600 KW project--many many more times in size.


Keep up the good work.

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