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Many residents and retail tenants in the area are overwhelmed and frustrated with this development. The plans include bumping out the sidewalk, which impact the traffic; for peds, pedals and powered vehicles. I realize the scope of the project is ambitious, but it would be better received if plans were reconfigured to work within the existing space and not impact the neighborhood as significantly.


no real complaints from this neighbor. although there certainly is a lot of concern about the sidewalk widening. just got a flyer this morning!

personally, i think what makes mississippi uniquely pleasant is that the street has very slow very limited traffic. unlike say hawthorne.

the widening will only add to this character.

what i am more concerned about is that the developers working on large projects in the hood seem to be getting these variances without the neighborhood getting much mitigation.


Rick Potestio left Mahlum? Seem like he just joined up a couple of years ago. What is he doing next?


Just one question: how to add your blog into my rrs reader, thanks so much.

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