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This is great news for all of Portland
, but one hopes they put the focus on being a vibrant part of N.W. PDX and the Pearl.
The building they have is the good thing in the right place.
We need Art Education and Community Outreach before money is spent on a Starchitect building by Brad [or Frank or Santiago..]


That is wonderful news for PNCA and the visual arts in Portland. I agree the Pearl condos need to be balanced by institutions,also perhaps a new hotel, offices etc.
A daring architectural plan for the whole campus, by Cleopfil or similar would be GREAT! (there was a thought of covering their portion of NW 13th Av in the manner of Norman Foster's British Museum Courtyard , wasn't there?)
I cannot get over Brian's previous observation of how the sublime is occasionally found in big cities such as London.
More sublime architecture for Portland please!


PNCA brings a lot of flavor to the Pearl district. Their buildings can be funky but they get the most out of them by hiring good designers. The interior of the main building is simple but well thought out in terms of display and work spaces. More recently the exterior has added a poetic paint job to break up the monotonous warehouse look.

An art school of their caliber brings a lot of vitality to the Pearl via their students and faculty. I hope they keep growing and give Cloepfil the opportunity to build something evocative and uniquely Portland.

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