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The Forest Center is on Oregon 6, not US 26. Take the Sunset out past North Plains and there is a turnoff for 6 (toward Tillamook) just before Banks. The Forest Center is at about milepost 22.


I believe James Cutler or Cutler Anderson (http://www.cutler-anderson.com) is speaking Tuesday night as well. At the convention center, $10, part of the products fair???

Also, I believe that Miller Hull has a mixed use project out on N interstae that they have been working on, at least they requested a design advice meeting with the city some time back.

Alison Ryan

The Safdie lecture is cancelled (bummer). UO didn't say much, but the full announcement is here: http://waddle.uoregon.edu/?id=753.

Susan Kelly

Yeah - changing the orientation of the slash was a big deal. Some people here at MH still can't find the vertical on the keyboard...

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