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Brian Libby

Just in case anyone is really offended at my casting the timber industry as cavemen, I want to be clear it's just a joke an I mean no disrespect. (Or certainly not much.) Don't want an Imus incident - just having some fun at the clearcutters' expense.


i think the industry is probably too filled with animus towards the green community to think logically here.

right now, building on the oregon "brand", and this LEED mandate (which essentially could be turned into a subsidy), the oregon timber industry could easily position itself as a national/international leader in forest management and green practices.

they are really behind the ball on this one and seem to be lacking very basic business sense....


It's not hard being progressive for this local timber company; The Collins Companies



I agree that it is a slap in the face of the Oregon timber industry, a needed one. It is time for the industry to become more progressive and relevant in the sustainable movements in design, building and lifestyle. The timber industry has the opportunity to reposition and turn itself into a viable market leader in sustainable products, instead, it wants to continue the propping up a failing system with subsidies that do nothing but inhibit change. This refusal of the industry to evolve will, in the long run, be more damaging to logging communities.


true.... so true.


its retch, not wretch...if you are going to bitch, spell it correctly


Marcus, in correcting my spelling, you made a punction error. I think you meant to write "It's," which means "It is." "Its", written without an apostrophe, is a possessive, used in phrases like "off its mark".

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