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it frustrates me to no end to constantly hear about donations specifically earmarked to college (especially a state one) athletics programs. i am of the belief that an equitable percentage be taken for non-atheltics projects. there are many departments and older buildings that need upgrades. UO could use a portion of the funds for the stadium to retrofit and re-model the campus to become more sustainable.

it also bothers me that the students in the sports programs are treated as the elite. example: i was taking a music course. in class we were listening to examples played back on an old tape machine (that ate the tape) and poor speakers. malfunctions constantly disrupted the professor. meanwhile the football team has a state of the art locker room with palm scanning security, x-boxes, and plasma televisions... come on.

there needs to be a greater focus on improving academics and not athletics.

if the new stadium does go thru at least it is not ugly. UO needs some more modernism.

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