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The school sounds like a good candidate for adaptive reuse - say affordable condos or apartments. I know that idea has been floated for other old schools like Washington High. In my mind a much better idea than tearing it down only to build the same.

While on the topic of endangered local buildings, I urge people to help save the Morris Marks House at 1134 SW 12th. It may not be of humble design but it is one of the only remaining Italianate houses in Portland's downtown area. The architect, Warren Williams also designed The Old Church and the other Marks' house at SW 15th & Harrison. The house on 12th needs to be moved and rennovated. Hopefully nobody is offended by this shameless plug.


Val, I walked by and took a look at 1134 SW 12th today. A cyclone fence now seperates it from the sidewalk, but no sign whatsoever seems to offer any information about what plans for this building may be in the works.

My feeling is that it would be a very great loss if this house isn't moved and renovated. It's bad enough that the house has to be moved from its location here where its been for as long as I can remember....easily 30 years that I know of.

Portlandmaps.com (the city's map service)doesn't offer any information about the house. The number and summary tab brings you a picture of the apartment bldg directly to the north of it, and gives specs about that building, but none related to the house. The permits/cases tab gives info about inspections related to the house going back about 2 years; mildew, liens, dangerous building referral, etc. Visibly, the house has been kind of neglected of late.

If you've go more info, please share it.


This Morris Marks house is in its original location but is part of a tax lot that includes the apartment building next door - which explains why no info on PortlandMaps. Recently I attended a discussion on this house at the Architectural Heritage Center and apparently there are no specific plans for the property but the owners do want the house moved so they can eventually redevelop the site. At least they aren't talking of tearing it down immediately. The house is a bit run down but retains much of its original character, especially on the exterior. There are discussions supposedly occurring to possibly move the house to a triangular pice of land in the vicinity of SW 6th & Broadway - just on the south side of I-405.
Local preservationist & relocation expert Clem Ogilby is involved but clearly there needs to be more attention drawn to the plight of not only this house but potentially the nice but small apartment building next door.

Its sad that we are losing or facing the threat of losing buildings like these almost weekly in Portland - and with little support or even public knowledge of the damage. How many people out there realize that recently at SW 5th and Jackson, 3 houses were taken out - one of which according to PortlandsMaps, dated to 1874! Sure it had been covered with siding and remodeled but many of those things can be undone and how many houses from 1874 are still standing in this city?
Its truly sad that in a city so well known for its creativity, there are repeated failures to use that creativity in preserving our past.

m conroy

McMenamins has shown us some possibilities when it comes to reusing older buildings. let's not let this one go by way of the wrecking ball.

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