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Selecting Charles Rose for the first buildings at OCAC seems like a good choice. His work should fit the spirit of the campus and the new boora masterplan. boora didn't miss out on the first buildings as they elected not to be pursue the commission. Charlie was selected from a short list that included a number of portland firms.


Out of curiosity pdx2m2 (or Brian), could you please post the names of the firms involved in the short list? Thank you


The architects interviewed were: Charles Rose, Holst, Opsis, and Mahlum.

Brian Libby

If that list is correct (and I assume it is), I think that's a fine group of finalists. If their selection committee ultimately went with Rose, you can't begrudge them that. The fact that these Portland firms were the finalists gives me more confidence in their process.

dave levine

The decision to hire Rose shows the effectiveness of his self-promotion and marketing. He's a smooth and charming talker (comes from a family of actors). He's been on a lecture campaign all over the country for the last two years promoting himself. He is proof that marketing beats substance: he doesn't even design his own buildings - he hires the talent.

The "portfolio" he claims credit for was actually the creative work of ex-partner Maryann Thompson and other employees, but he got the legal right to claim credit.

I am sure his employees will produce a good building, but unfortunately Portland is dealing with an architect without ethics nor character - one who would do anything to get his buildings built. Ultimately, this is not good for his clients for his first allegiance is to himself.

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