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Bob R.

("the bow?")

The stern.

- Bob R.

Dennis H. Coalwell

I have a question: Do the Tram cars provide heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer for those who ride?


it's portland. put on a coat in the winter or wear a short sleeve shirt in the summer for the THREE MINUTE trip up the hill for chrissakes.

part of making systems sustainable includes challenging our very american expectations of comfort levels and eliminating unecessary infrastructure and energy use.

Bart King

I think what Ben means is "No."


The Tram is leading to the end of Portland as we know it. Crashes will happen on I-5, airplanes will cross the wires, people will die of infectious disease, the city will file bankruptcy. Oh, wait, wrong site. This isn't www.bojack.org

Dennis H. Coalwell

Geez, Ben...show some Portland civility. My question was asked by others from another forum. Learn to control your anger dude.

I grew up in La Grande so I know what coats and short sleeves provide.

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