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Peter Bray

Many in the environmental movement didn't actively campaign for Kulongoski precisely because he did nothing to stop Measure 37. In fact, once it passed, he actually tried to EXPAND M37's damage.

He went against his own party and proposed, via Senate Bill 1037, that M37 claimants could transfer their waivers to new developers: it is the ambiguousness of this that has kept much M37 development at bay. It was the Dem Senate that BLOCKED Kulongoski's efforts.

Remember, Kulongoski has made Oregonians in Action Dave Hunnicutt "proud". Can we expect anything good from this do-nothing leader? Not likely.

Incidentally, 1000 Friends of Oregon is proposing legislative goals for M37 TODAY... watch their web site for more info. They haven't announced yet.

Since I933 failed in Washington, and similar measures failed in blood-red Idaho and California, you would expect a repeal to happen. But frankly our politicians are probably too chicken.


Hey, don't you dare insult Star Trek. This isn't a pop-culture bitch a thon, you know.


FYI, California is a bloo state.


No offense meant, Trekkies. I actually like the original TV show and a couple of the movies (II and IV). Kaaaaaahhhhnnnn!!!


Peter, I thought the legislation was a compromise that basically allowed waivers to be transferred in exchange for smaller developments. Yea, M37 is bad, but aren't you going a little overboard with your criticism of Kulongoski on this? Your comment reminds me of how Nader supporters got GWB elected. Well-intentioned, but not helpful.

Peter Bray

Well, K is currently elected, so there's no harm in criticizing him. K might have seen 1037 as a "compromise", but there was a reason 1000 Friends and the Dem Senators rejected it, and there was a reason that Oregonians in Action SUPPORTED it... because K. felt it necessary to get buy-in from OIA rather than greenies who he felt were he had in the bag.

Btw, 1000 Friends today asked for M37 to be put on hold for the timebeing so the legislature can figure things out. you can read about their measure 37 goals here.

(P.S., when i said "blood-red Idaho and California" i didnt mean to imply that CA was blood-red.)


it's not Kulongoski's job to repeal M37, it's ours.

more details from 1000 Friend of Oregon:


get on the phone!


Then of course it did win a majority... and remember, Portland only makes Oregon a blue state by a slight margin, and a LOT of blues and reds believe strongly in property rights.

Oregon has a horrid reputation for property rights (along with the feds & their interstate plowing infrastructure choices)

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