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Curt Kipp

Actually, Bob Murase designed three separate parks in Wilsonville.

1) Town Center Park, which opened in 1999 and was fully completed with the water feature and picnic shelters in 2005. Bob spoke at the dedication last summer, just weeks before he passed away.

2) Water Treatment Plant Park, opened in 2002 when the water plant started operations.

3) Murase Plaza, a portion of Memorial Park which opened this summer and which contains yet another water feature along with a community garden, playground and other features. Bob's son Scott spoke at the dedication this past summer.



I went to look at the sliver park on the north side of the Gerding Armory building but none of the design had begun.

The description of a water feature collecting rainwater and running "it artfully along the side of the building into a bioswale," sounds interesting but it would be nice to see an image.

The effort on landscape design for the exterior of the building shows a greater appreciation of the all people not just the ones going inside to see shows.


Actually, there is no boardwalk at the Sliver Park, nor does the water from the water feature drain into the bioswale. The water feature is a recirculation feature that uses potable water. Murase should do a better job getting their facts straight, especially when they provide them to you for a self-promotional article.

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