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Does anyone know who Stonhaus.Ark is? Or where there work is? I've been interested in Public Architecture for some time and am curious what this looks like.

Brian Libby

If you click on the link for Stonhaus in the original post, it should take you to a page on the 1%/Public Architecture site with the firm's contact info.


Having only recently run across this thread, I am a bit late in commenting, but thought I should chime in.

I am stonhaus.ark. Fairly modest in all aspects. My single preson firm (ha) gives my 1% of hours in all forms: feasability study, schematic design, documents, permitting and a heafty amount of simply advising those that cannot afford to hire a professional.

More recently I have become part of SERA Architects who now have a 1% program of their own. Presently the SERA 1% effort is working with p:ear to help design a new home for their program on 6th and Flanders.

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