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m. conroy

Hennebery Eddy should team up with the folks building the Ladd tower. Maybe they could show them how to incorporate the Rosefriend apartment building into that glass behemoth.


Only the Hacker design really took the functional needs of the fire station into account; the other two finalists seemed more interested in the way the station fit into the new ideas for the area.

In any case, the budget shortfall was in the millions and rising with each day, but Fire's promised portion was never going to change--about $11mil that was coming from the GO bond to do renovations and remediations. PDC would have had to carry the freight for the rest of the overages, and they weren't willing to do so.


The Emmons/Hennebery Eddy design for Fire Station 1 is gorgeous - I'm sure any functional adjustments could have been worked out (especially given they have designed many other stations) if only the city had an interest in taking such risks with supporting good design.

It's interesting that Portland has such an openminded drive to be a place for the 'creative class' yet so often blocks the truly creative.

Stuart Emmons

To set the record straight, our scheme certainly incorporated all functional requirements for the fire stationand and then some - we know functional needs well, coming from our combined team designing or reconditioning 12 previous fire stations for the City. The Fire Bureau brass also confirmed that our scheme met their requirements well. It was our goal to not only nail functional needs, but to design a building that reinvigorated Old Town and the Waterfront, and reduce the need for Fire Stations in the first place, by including a hopefully popular public safety education center.

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