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Ken Bauer

I like the design and think it bolds well for future design in the Pearl. I have seen a master plan illustration of what Hoyt wants to do and from the looks of it, The Encore is just the beginning. So far, the designs in the Pearl District have been, to me, uninspired. But if Hoyt's plans come true, the Pearl can end up with some truly spectacular designs. I look forward to seeing the progress.


As with most Pearl buildings , this design
meets the sky with a
resounding splat. Did
they just get tired
and forget to put a top
on ? Or did the fee run out ?

Bronson Graff

Having previously worked at Boora on the One Waterfront Project, at first I too thought thought the Encore had a resemblance. After looking at all the images available it's pretty clear though that any similarity is coincidental.

The Encore appears to be a very nice building all by itself, although the south side is certainly less dynamic, as it's tough to make a concave shape look great. Plus the south facing elevation likely needed to be more solid for energy concerns.

If the Metropolitan and the Encore are any indication of what architects are being allowed to shoot for in condo design, there's certainly something to look forward to.

Much of the design in the past has been typically restrained, for a myriad of reasons both marketing related and financially motivated.

Regarding the top, go tell the principles at Hoyt Street that you'd like to spend an additional $250-$300,000 dollars on a "top" design they can't sell, and see how it goes over. Not well, would be an understatement.

Or then propose that you'd like to decrease the top two floors in a setback design, thusly decreasing saleable area considerably, AND you'd like to do a fancier skin up there, and a silimar response would await.


Brilliant and intelligently designed.

Frank Dufay

I don't know if its "brilliant and intelligently designed" or not.

I DO know I don't see any people. Or cars. Or delivery trucks.

It does remind me of the Portland Towers where people drive in and out of their condos, never deigning to actually WALK, leaving the street-life empty. But then the "presentation" is completely devoid of street life...or, really, life.


^the building will butt up against a park so I think residents will be encouraged to use the public spaces making the building more than a drive-in tower. Some other renderings, not posted here, had different angles showing retail space.

I think this design is an evolution from one tall block to actually adding in shape. I'm glad to see the Pearl developers progressing in this manner.

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