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Oregon State - Go Ducks?


I wasn't confusing the two schools/teams. I just wrote "Go Ducks" at the end to be contrarian because I'm a Ducks fan and I was writing about Oregon State.


i think you would be pretty hard pressed to find anything about Liberty Centre from Ceser Pelli. My recollection of that event was that when it was discovered there was about half the price for the skin as a typical CP building, that he had to pardon himself with having done nothing more than a couple museum board boxes. it is funny it always sounds so glamorous to invite the "world class" architects to build in our city, yet then you can't find a client or funds to back their work?? it comes as a shock that great work costs some extra money - go figure! I believe the same went for the Meier building at OHSU, which was 400% over budget and it was not negotiable with the Meier office. not every business is a patron of the architect. sometimes it takes more than money to put together a building, and in both cases GBD was able to put together the building - maybe not star power, but respectful - IMOHO.

brian - one to add to your list would be the 1000 Broadway - from the early sketches to what it is - that has to be a big WTF - after all the same office created both.??

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