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Angie Lawless

Actually, It's one award from the Gold Nugget program, a Merit Award for Best Mixed Use Housing (we're eligible for the Grand Award, which they'll announce next week) and an award from the AIA/HUD Secretary's Award for Housing and Community Design program for Mixed Use Housing.

Thanks for the shout-out, Brian!

Angie Lawless
Marketing Director, WWA

Angie Lawless

Oh, and regarding the web site - it's under construction. A terrific company called The New Group is working with us and we should have a real live site in the next few months!

Susan Skinner

You don't have to have your name bandied about to create interest in your work, but you should proof your text on your web site.

This is a simple error but it detracts...
Bbut they do consistently good, solid work.

Garage Doors Santa Barbara

Their college structures are solid and good. They don't seem to create much in terms of outstanding architecture, but consistency is important too.

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