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What is the relation to portland architecture?

Brian Libby

The plant may not be in Portland, but it's a huge structure built by a major Portland institution, and one that affects energy use by much of the city. If this plant and its appalling lack of pollution controls represents PGE's environmental values, then what can we expect them to build here in town the next time they hire an architect? Furthermore, architecture and urban environments are inextricably linked to the natural environments surrounding them. PGE's Boardman plant has for three decades needlessly polluted the air in a way that has affected some of the state's most enduring treasures. I'll admit this topic doesn't fit neatly into a literal definition of Portland architecture, but I think it's very relevant.

Chris McMullen

If Portland buildings ceased lighting their interiors and exteriors when not in use, maybe PGE wouldn't have to run that coal plant.


Absolutely appalling.

First its Enron.
Then it turns out they are outright stealing from Portlanders.

And now this? Time to get rid of these scum for good.

I have no repect for these cowards. We should be actively searching for a final solution to these bastards.



Portlanders force a clean power plant to close down after some problems that provided at one time 40% of the states power. Heaven forbid there was a solution to these other possible polution issues.

So Trojan is gone for good now.

Meanwhile a coal plant oft not looked upon is puking polution out and about everywhere. For all the misguided attempts Portlanders make to prevent polution and protect the environments sometimes it really seems they should just let things be, and find actual solutions instead of attacking things that stand.

If the Nuclear power is so bad, why do so many countries still use them WIHTOUT problems to power their entire country? Why do they have such better environmental standards than us Americans? (France and others, it seems soon Iran too.)

If we must use coal, just work with the companies to get them cleaned up. Work with the Government to find some adjusted rates to pay for these "scrubbers".

The ironies abound. :o wow.

...and Nathan, really... such harsh words, without any real suggested solutions. Come now, try to be a bit more useful.

Bob R.

Adron, while I agree that nuclear power can be handled safely (with a strict and transparent regulatory system), it is not correct to say that Portlanders forced the power plant to close down.

There was strong public opposition, and a ballot campaign, but PGE prevailed at the ballot box (after spending a good deal of PR $$$).

It was PGE, facing high repair bills for a defective heat exchange system (which they knew about before the election) who decided to close the plant.

- Bob R.

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