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Andrew Hayden

To that effect, the Völklingen Ironworks in Germany are a UNESCO World Heratige site.



Great post, Brian. You might be interested [if you already don't know] about an organization called the Society for Industrial Architecture. http://www.sia-web.org/
It's stuffy/scholarly, but looks interesting.


This post touches on the reason why people want to preserve - for instance - the Centennial Mills along the Willamette river nearl the Pearl. It is the most iconic building left - certainly the largest for its age - from Portland's industrial past in the area (that people regularly see).

The question is... what should become of these places? In Germany, they recently converted one massive industrial complex into a park system... it was in arch record not too long ago.

Brian Libby

I think they should turn Centennial Mill into an arts center. I was just talking with someone this morning about how I sometimes daydream of founding a modest but quality contemporary art museum here. Or you could make it a mixed-use arts facility with offices for some of them and a gallery/performance space and some kind of cafe on the bottom.

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