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I think that this is indeed a new case of the sensitive contextual modernism that Portland has inherited from Belluschi and Yeon as the pioneers. A beautiful thing about Hacker's work is that late modernist expression of the structure that I think a lot of contemporary Portland architecture is relying less on. Though Hacker's work for the most part has been quite elegant and techtonic, it possess a quality similar to Belluschi's older churches and the importance of the detail. This embodiment of the expression of the individual part is a beautiful reference to Portland's acceptance of multiple ideas in politics, planning, and a number of other things that make us such a culturally vibrant city. I look forward to seeing this executed and celebrated.


I recognize the challenge of trying to meld old and new here. But from the drawings I saw at the Design Commission, it seemed like a cumbersome fit at the roofline where the buildings will meet. I didn't think the rooflines were handled as sensitively as the wall facades. But maybe the scheme has changed since I saw it.

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