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Rick Potestio


I would like to have Rob Lamb, my partner and collegue at Mahlum, recieve the recognition due for his role on the Lair. He is the individual most responsible for the success and innovations of the Lair. He worked with city departments to ensure that our interpretations of codes allowed the unique and beneficail features that maximized the number and size of units on the site, and provided for the courtyard configuration. He was intimately involved in the design and fully responsible for the construction documents. His passion for the quality of the built work is evident in the detailing and execution of such materials as concrete and wood siding.

He is a former employee of Allied Works, GreenGables, and was a partner with Corey Martin in M1C2, the design firm that is responsible for the UofO Locker Room.



These are some really good designs. You have to be so skilled to be an architect of that magnitude. I really appreciate this article.

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