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Very nice... If they don't accept the proposal in Japan bring it back to Portland and float the plans for a new baseball stadium for PDX!

Michel Weenick

You quote my partner Mr. White at his very modest best.

In reality, our client came to us because he appreciated the fact that we were uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between the realities of Japan and the emotional appeal of the "American baseball experience" - watching a ballgame being played on real grass open to the real sky.

Although we did have the trust of the client, his "ear", the appeal of the design itself and the way we were able to efficiently manage the design process - 6 design offices on 2 continents and 2 islands working together on a 180 million dollar project- had more impact on our ability to drive the project.

And finally, while our presence in Portland can be described as "tiny", as is so eloquently pointed out, I would like to mention that our Japanese office with a staff of 8 and a variety of buildings both on the boards and under construction is anything but.


Michel Weenick



There is an art to accepting a compliment.


With that being said, I do compliment you on an impressive portfolio and I am happy to have
your studio within our community- even if tiny.

michel weenick

Thanks for the kind words.

My previous comments were mere clarifications, and we do certainly appreciate the support that Portland Architecture has given our firm.

Michel Weenick

Ray Whitford

Hopefully, Portland will grow up and ask for bids and designs for a local MLB stadium. I hope the Marlins or other team owners recognize the abilities of architecturew.

Nice renderings!

Portlands' stadium should remind people of our lodges in the mountains (stone, wood, metal, and trees). My personal wish only.


Ray Whitford

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