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One of things that disturbs me about Portland is with all the condo's on the watefront, the Pearl, and downtown - the skyline of the city is bland.

Ray Whitford

Uninspiring or Boring comes to mind. When I read the article and thought about the possible move I wondered if the HQ Building at PDX could be designed with a eye toward "status" or "signature architecture design"

Maybe Portlands' first pyramid will be at PDX.

Ray Whitford


haha. First pyramid... but...

I digress.

The POP Building is a bit bland. I don't think it's bad really, just really mediocre. Mediocre doesn't attract business or people to something. With the current business mentality downtown it's going to be pretty tough to fill up a building of that size that just goes completely empty.

As for the POP moving to the airport, that actually makes a lot of sense from an economic viewpoint. Unfortunately it would leave a hole downtown.


I see the economics of why the Port would like to move to the airport. However, from my understanding the master plan for the airport included the possible new runway and expansion of terminals before the POP building was completed. I'm not sure if someone wasn't paying attention, or if the Port really doesn't care about presenting a responsible face to the public. I just can't justify them moving when they have a perfectly fine building they choose to build (and locate) in the downtown core.

If the port had a company lined up that wanted to purchase the building as a headquarters, I might be more receptive. What I don't want to see is a building sit empty in that part of town for the next ten years. Wasn't there a building, I think One Waterfront Place, which was to go a little further north? I don't see that getting built if this building goes on the market.

Instead of moving I would like to see the port switch out the faux awnings over the windows with photovoltaic panels like on the new OHSU building in SoWa.

Rick Potestio

If the POP moves, I would only ask that they take the building with them.

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