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I like your transit mall/Pioneer Courthouse/Pioneer Courthouse Square & 6th Avenue thought! Any idea if there would be truly any savings doing this project in this manner? Long term usuage of mass transit the way you would design would create much excitemet. I think PDX'rs would embrace your ideas.


If only more people thought like that? How come there isn't more of a ground swell of ideas along that line of thinking?

Streetcars downtown, MAX trains feeding in would definately be a better solution than the direction that is currently being travelled.

If anything Portland is taking slow transit and slow cars and slow pedestrians, and making them all slower.

You're absolutely right about the bypass idea, and the subway idea. Those would both drastically increase ridership on the mere fact that if someone could get somewhere FASTER on the MAX or streetcar or something, then it would truly compete with car travel.

Technically speaking the immediate out of pocket expense is just not enough to defer car usage for public transit usage. Especially in light that most of the destinations people want to get to will take 2x longer on transit. With the downtown mall, I think that time will only continue to increase.

I'm not completely against it though, because I do believe that if they're going to build something, the should definately expand rail service. They just need to work a lot harder on speeding up ALL transit. Cars included. 55mph, come on that is absurd.

Anyway, thanks for the great blogging!

michael conroy

I think that the current lightrail/bus mall redesign is a disaster waiting to happen. I agree that a subway or bypass system would be best. I can't believe that all these potential problems have surfaced now in the eleventh hour. The whole plan should be postponed and reviewed. having cars, buses and trains on the same street interweaving is bad news. I thought we were trying to get people out of there cars in this town.


the ideas here are nice. but i'm wondering if there are cities outside of europe which might deserve props and might have interesting lessons for us? not that europe isn't great, but this isn't europe, and it never will be. looking only eastward is limiting.

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