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"Now a two-bedroom condo starts at $285,000."

I really am smacking myself for saying this, but it has to be said; $285,000 for a two bedroom, damn that is a good price!

I went to the discovery center this weekend and looked at a half bedroom studio in the John Ross for $385,000.


it wasnt too long ago marketers avoided the word "urban" now even auto advertisers are largely showing their cars in urban environments. i've seen several recent auto commercials that have been filmed in the pearl district.


Crazy fad. Urban is hip and "in" right now, but the majority of the population is choosing to live in suburban or exurban environs.

"Orenco" is not urban--it is a faux town center surrounded by burbs. Same as the faux "town" malls that are springing up everywhere.

d james

yes, the marketers have struck a chord and i'm glad. and i'm glad developers have the vision and the nards. some good names are involved (ziba included). reworking south pdx is good for downtown, good for portland -- and i want to see lovejoy park and pettygrove parks somehow get the life they deserve. yes, it's a price point below The Benson et al, but the condos still won't be cheap for the non-transplant. they have three fricken buildings to sell ... which means it's going to be a huge success or an unfortunate disaster. Also, the pricing appears to be more up in the air than what's published online. $285K is wishful thinking or you're probably on the first few floors and looking at one of the other towers. i'd anticipate another $100K for a place with a decent view.


Yeah, I seriously doubt 285k will be the actual price for many of the 2 bedrooms.

They'll be more in the range of 300-425k most likely.

Still not that bad considering the rest of the west coast, and they're 1000sq ft, which is definately above the average size.

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