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Randy Rapaport

We owe John Carroll a sincere "Thank You" for giving the Lovejoy Columns a new home.

The Maven

I am so glad they spent all that money and manpower on cranes and people to put them in the Elizabeth plaza. Big thumbs down to the folks organizing this. Wow.

Dennis H. Coalwell

What is your problem Maven? Tell me how much of yourmoney the city and Mr. Carroll have spent? The last time I was in Portland I enjoyed the reproductions of the artists works in the Plaza.

The Maven

I love art. I love public art even more. But do you know the background of these columns? They have been sitting under an overpass for years while we have tried to figure out what to do with them. I really think they dropped the ball on this one. It's been quite the mess.

I was there on the day they put them up and have seen the work involved in them since. I saw all of the people, the Campbell cranes (2) involved in moving them there. I just wish they had thought it through more before they put them out there. First they are up, then maybe down, then they will be unveiled, then oops, the art cant be exposed. Then, oh, maybe it can. It seems like it has been this whole comedy of errors that just isn't stopping.

Again, I applaud the effort to preserve and show them, but to be honest, I think they ruined a nice outdoor space putting them out there.

I also find it very hard to believe that ALL of this has been privately funded either.

Eric Berg

It's my understanding few public dollars have gone into the effort to save the columns. The columns survive only because of thousands and thousands of volunteer hours and the support of John Carroll.


I'm stoked that these columns where saved by volunteer effort.

But on to another point I have to agree with. The art really shouldn't be taken off of the columns. In another sense it probably will never really evoke what it could being it is not even in the original location of creation.

The artist put it there for a reason, putting it in the goddy and superficial Pearl District after being in a functional and real environment kind of deprives the art of essence that cannot be reclaimed.

In either case, if it is only the art piece itself, and not the surrounding that make the art what it is, then why is there even a problem with taking it off the support beam it is on?

Either which way, no matter where it is, I do say it is some nice pieces that I have stopped to view myself.

I'm thankful that at least people are making great effort to keep this artwork intact... regardless of the definition of "intact".

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