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Judging by the complete apathetic response to this entry...

This is so typical of the architectural profession: complete apathy towards interacting with the public and expanding interest in this dying field. No wonder architects have largely been replaced by engineers & cookie-cutter designs for design & construction of virtually all construction in this country.

You would think a chance to increase people's awareness of design would be high on the priority list... just take a look at places like Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain: people actaully acknowledge... and like(!) interesting, innovative design.

What a sad, sad state. Outreach programs should be the HIGHEST PRIORITY of the AIA.

Lane Wintermute

I don't know if this entry is still active, but I came across it while doing a web search for information about my mother, Marjorie Wintermute, whom Brian so kindly referenced above. The program was dear to Mom's heart and its good to know that it is appreciated.

Mom passed peacefully two weeks ago and will be fondly remembered for this and many other contributions. Thank you for keeping this memory alive.
Lane Wintermute

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