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I'm very worried about the Transit mall and adding the auto lane at the expense of the pedestrian environment. Just seems wrong and a large step backwards.


I'm looking forward to the aerial tram... its going to be so awesome.

I agree with cab about the transit mall from what I can tell about the design I think there are some serious issues like the weaving track between two lanes which is practically unheard of anywhere else in the US


I think the loss of tree cover is more tragic. I can always count on visitors commenting on how the large mature trees along the transit mall creates a unique lighting that gives the area a very nice feel, almost like being in a cathedral. Now we get to look forward to the standard lifestyle center sidewalks and tree cover. Hooray!

Mike Conroy

They're removing the trees?! I'm sick to my stomach. The trees are what makes downtown beautiful. Now we'll just look like any urban desert. The trees should be preserved.


The business community needs that extra autolane. Not sure why. It always amazes me that so many CITY retail still think that attracting moving cars is more important then attracting the pedestrian. Its such a suburban mindset. At what point do they mature and relize that doing business in a real city the pedestrian should be king?

Bob R.

They aren't removing all the trees.

In several places on the mall, there are double-rows of trees. In order to make room for the auto lane (a separate topic), the row closest to the street will have to be removed.

In a few other places, either for construction reasons or aesthetic reasons, selected individual trees will be removed or replaced.

The project will replace any net loss of trees (as measured by trunk diameter) with new plantings in the project or in other parts of town.

At most of the open houses, there have been large maps displaying all the trees in the corridor and how each would be affected.

No need to toss around the "urban desert" epithet.

- Bob R.


I personally think they need to remove all the trees. It really shows how immature Portlanders are by having to hide their buildings behind foliage - just like they do by "prettying up" their parking lots.

True design would express the value of the urban landscape, electrifying the beauty, like Seattle and Los Angeles.


I will volunteer to help re-plant the trees! As long as they aren't too large, I LOVE trees, and they should be preserved by moving them the 10 or 15 feet necessary. Either that or NEW mature ones need to be planted!
The trees help paint our city a beautiful colors in Autum and spring by the delicate arrangement of fall and spring colors against an Urban Building backdrop.

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