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I've become a big fan of Bellushi's architecture, and have been trotting around Portland in search of his buildings; Art Museum, Equitable Building, Zion Lutheran Church, Platt house, Sutor House, Council Crest house, etc. The problem with modern houses is that they often are set back from the street and hard to see!

I'm also from the coast, so I have a particular interest in his work there. I've tried to find his Kerr house in Gearhart, but I suspect it is in a gated area. Does anyone know its location? Also, I found a 1989 book with photos of the Kerr house. In it, the house's owners mention they wanted Pietro to add a second story to the house, since the ocean has receded and diminished their view. Did that remodel happen?

Finally, a book I have (by M. Clausen) mentions his Seaside Apartments built in 1945. I'd like to know their location. Same goes for the Coates house at Netarts Bay.

Thanks for any help,


David Owen

On a recent trip to Seaside and Gearhart, I was able to locate the Kerr House by finding a plan and photo online, then looking for the building in the Google Maps aerial photos of the area. It took me less than 5 minutes to find the house using the aerial photos.

The house is located on a private drive. And considerable vegetation, especially pines, has grown up around the house which is at 1808 Ocean Ave. Here's a map/aerial photo at GreatBuildings.com which marks the location of the house:


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