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That seems to be a HUGE conflict of interest. Quite an ethical problem for DDSD. Nepotism like this would not be allowed in other types of deals, especially in highly regulated private sector-only areas. Even if RAP brought the best deal to the table, this still could be considered due to undue influence at the least.

RAP could have had a deal with David Douglas even before the present superintendent took office, but continuing the arrangement now looks suspiciously like nepotism and at best, is highly questionable.

Chris B.

Issues of nepotism aside, Randy Saunders' final quote makes manifest a greater problem in the selection of architects for public work. In spite of the fact that it is often already a foregone conclusion who will be selected, public agencies feel obliged to go through a "fair" selection process for the sake of appearances. This is a tremendous waste of resources for architects who must spend time and money on proposals that don't have a realistic chance of being accepted.

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